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Dalem Temple in Jagaraga Village

Main Enterance of Dalem Jagaraga Temple

Dalem Jagaraga located in the village Jagaraga, Sawan District 11 miles east of Singaraja City, alongside a major road-Sawan Singaraja. village is famous for its “Puputan Jagaraga” war against the Dutch in 1848 under the command of I Gusti Ketut Jelantik. Dalem environment has its own uniqueness, namely relief of vintage cars driven by people who are armed, the aircraft crashed relief, relief of the Dutch beer and others. Also a statue of “Men Brayut” Balinese story about a mother with small children, many still ask digentong bergayutan all. This temple is nowhere to be found in other places in Bali.

Same as the other regencies in Bali, each village in Buleleng has three temples as well; Pura Desa, Pura Puseh and Pura Dalem. These temples are known as Kahyangan Tiga and for the members of the village where they are situated.

Pura Desa, the civil temples where the main celebrations are held and where the Bale Agung is located, or Pura Puseh, the Navel, the ancient shrine of the earlier days of the community, Pura Dalem dedicated to the dead, out in the cemetery and Pura Segara is the temple of the sea. These temples are known as Kahyangan Tiga and are for the members of the village where they are situated. It is highly advisable to wear a sash when attending ceremonies or entering temples in short trousers.

Beji Temple in Sangsit Village


Main area of the Beji Temple in Sangsit Village

Environment is located in the village temple Sangsit, Sawan District approximately 8 km to the east of the city of Singaraja and go about 500 yards up the road to the beach. This location is easily accessible by four wheel drive. Temple owned by the manners / subak members of the village is located in the middle of farming country. The attraction of this temple are almost all parts of the temple is decorated by carving style Buleleng shaped vines and flower motifs characteristic of North Bali. Nothing in the blanks without carving. Environmental Pura Pura Beji is an environment for worshiping Goddess Sri, the Goddess is believed to be associated with agriculture, especially as the goddess who created the rice as a staple food. Environment is also known as the Pura Pura Subak environment for Indigenous Village Sangsit, where all the neighborhood of King Buleleng style carved in the form of a creeping plant and flower motifs that characterize the 15th century, the King of Majapahit era. At the gate of the temple compound decorated with two tail of the dragon as a temple guard. Unique charm of this temple is carved environment that meets all of the temples as if no one is pretending that this place is decorated with carvings. This engraving was painted the colors so that the environment is becoming more unique temple again. Environment located in the village temple Sangsit, Sawan District Regency of Buleleng.