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They are happy to travel with me and willing to come back again. I post these picture under their permission and hopely they can see these picture as their memory and they can view from different angel.

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How to get to Bali???

Bali Island, which is also well-known as the island of gods has been a major tourism destination among local to internatioanl visitors. For those, who have much spare time, you are advised to take road trip. Almost all land transportations in several bis cities in Java serve their route to Bali. Although it will take you longer time in order to arrive there. However, it is a trip worthy, since you can enjoy impressive scenery along your trip. If you start your trip at cities, such as Surabaya and Malang, you can use several travel agents service, which serve route to Bali via those cities. In addition, bus service can also be used to reach for terminal of Ubung, which is in the south of Denpasar as its final destination.

Meanwhile, there are sailing boats and yachts, which sail and anchor at the two of several harbors in Bali, such as Tanjung Benoa, which is in the south and Padang Bai, which is in the east of Denpasar. Indeed, some of international sailing boats and yachts also, serve their route to Bali via those harbors.

Bali can also easily be reached via air transportation. Almost all domestic airways in major cities in Indonesia, serve their route to Bali. Many countries in the world serve their route to Bali as well. Bali has its own International Airport, named Ngurah Rai, which is directly connected with several major airports of big countries in America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Many famous airways, such as Japan Airlines (JAL), Qantas and the latest are Qatar Airways, serve direct route to Bali.

You can directly go to your hotel, where you stay at by using fetching service from airport to the hotel. You can also call me at +62 81916478835 (BungaKrisna Transport). It covers almost all places in Bali with its advanced fare.

You may rarely find public transportation service in order to reach for many tourism destinations in Bali, so that if you would like to go around, you can send me an email ahead of time to or send message to my facebook (dewa Sumberditha) or directly call me at +62 81916478835. I would love to take you around wherever you like in Bali with reasonable price. As per half day tour (8 hours) it will cost IDR 300.000 and full day (10 hours) will cost IDR 400.000  Extra hours will be cost IDR 50.000 per hour. If you take trips with me more and more days, of course less and less price you’ll get.